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Wow okay it's been a hot minute and I've mostly forgotten how HTML works.

I released that EP and called it April 23rd EP. It's pretty good I'd say, especially compared to my older stuff which is garbage. Someone gave me like £2 for it the other day even though they didn't have to give me anything! Thank you.

A few months after that I put a bunch of Queen vocals on top of midis that I found on some old Queen fansite. The cover for it is pretty cool as far as covers that I've done go. I made a video for it as well.

I made a 20 minute long short film in 4 days called Christmas Fortnite featuring me as Soapstone and me as Fortnite where I have to save Fortnite to show to like 4 of my friends. I'd say it was time well spent. I won't link it here because it has my address in it and zooms into my house from Google Maps and also my face and it's also dumb as hell, but it exists and maybe one day I'll post it online. It'll be like rapsittie street kids. Considering the production value, it will actually be exactly like rapsittie street kids.

Okay the final thing is that I'm working on a mashup album called No Copyright Intended. Remember Soap Sounds? Soap Sounds is god awful. Hot garbage. Everything is out of time and out of key and probably some other things. Not this time!! I have discovered the concept of Song Keys and Beats Per Minutes. Maybe even autotune sometimes????? You'll have to wait and see. I've got like what, 40 minutes of it done? I also think I finished the cover and god. I think it looks really nice. It will probably be out in like, the first half of the year. Maybe even the first quarter!! Or maybe like April 23rd it will be like 2022.