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what is time/19

H. I released a new single and it's good. Not that Elusive Dreams or Oh Hey weren't good, but this one is good.

Only like a month until I either release or postpone an EP! I might also get it on a couple limited edition cassettes for no one except myself, because that would be cool to have.

(i have no idea what the cover art for it should be)

edit 01/05/2019: I chose postpone

19/02/19 (at 1:00 AM)

I released a little single as an example of what's to come in the foreseeable future.

I'm aiming to release an EP in April, 2 or 3 EPs in total in 2019, and then in late 2019 (like december) or early 2020 (like january) I'll hopefully have a full length album! I want to work on this one for longer than I worked on MIDI, which to be fair was more of a warm up than anything.

Oh and I hit 1000 views on Neocities!! That's pretty cool!


My first original full length(?) album MIDI is out now! In fact 5 days ago as of writing this!

Included are 11 full tracks and 13 bonus tracks. You can buy a copy for £5 here.